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Jan 4, 2013 10:30am PST
trafficking on its own. columbia has not stopped it and peru is not doing it. the question is, how can you manage in a way that does not cause -- colombia has not stopped it and peru is not doing it. bolivia has really good innovation. that does not mean they do not have enormous challenges. bolivia is a transit company for cocaine from peru to big markets in argentina and new york. it is more complicated than just production and consumer countries. it is more complicated than bolivia's doing a good job or not. -- bolivians do a good job or not. >> you have been supportive. but the u.n. has also been critical. i want to put you a sound bite with the question was put about being called the control to the u.s. state department. fightivia's efforts to drug-trafficking without the assistance of the dea or other u.s. authorities may be having some of that impact, although it is controversial. has the u.s. seen these reports and what does the u.s. think about the efforts to deal with illegal trafficking and coca growing and distribution outside of a merit type relationship. >> we have longstandi
Jan 13, 2013 11:35pm PST
demonio el señor garcia llega a ser elegido presidente del peru voy a retirar a mi embajador del peru, no tendremos relaciónes con el peru. >> omala termino ganando las elecciones por eso. >> en peru ha causado revuelo que presidente umala fuera a la habana. >> morales volo a caracas y dio gracias ante una multitud chavista. >> estamos convencidos , pronto estará con nosotros. >> el presidente de uruguay agradecio a chavez por salvar a su país de una barrida. >> ecuador agradece intercambio de combustible. >> en que ya no pueda actuar públicamente hugo chavez va a ser un golpe para latinoamerica ,nadie es indispensable. >> se preparan para la era post chavista. >> a partir de mañana entra en vigor en cuba reforma migratoria . >> las autoridades de la isla dijeron que los cubanos podran pedir pasaportes. >> la poderosa asociación del rifle asegura contar con apoyo. >> se cumple el primer aniversario del concordia la poderosa asociación del rifle cuenta con apoyo del congreso que prohiba adquirir arma . >> el, policía de varias ciudades ha visto que a aumentado las solicitudes p
Jan 10, 2013 6:30pm PST
who thrive on complex tasks. an insurance against disaster - farmers in peru and the threat from el nino. and a group of women in benin - are part of a project to make bio-fuel. they find it hard to interact with people and read the emotions of others. noise can feel like physical pain to them. and yet people with autism can be just what you need in your workforce. the social entrepreneur thorkil sonne discovered that many autistic people are incredibly gifted in ways most of us are not. given the right environment they have high levels of concentration, they are extremely precise and have a great eye for detail. that's why he calls them the "specialists" and has set up a company to use their talents in the working world. >> 17-year-old emil godfredsen from denmark is using lego to work out a crane control system. like the other young people here, he has asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. unfamiliar situations make him nervous. at school, emil didn't fit in and was bored by lessons. >> at my old school, the teachers didn't believe that i was really good at computer prog
Jan 4, 2013 4:30am PST
or -- >> (inaudible). >> (speaking spanish). i think it was done two years ago. it's peru veian. >> (inaudible). >> (speaking spanish) the style in the music to hit all those notes back and forth and then the guitar which is a spanish instrument and the lyrics are from spain and the type of song is indigenous and the type of percussion can is african. >> (inaudible). >> yeah, you could hear in the music. it has that pitch and that sadness to it. >> (inaudible). >> okay. so can you play the first song? we will show you a little bit and then you guys can come up and dance. (music). (applause). (music) >>
Jan 26, 2013 10:00am EST
coca products taking advantage of the advantages that it offers not only in bolivia, but also in peru and colombia. so it's not long ago i was in bolivia, and i had the opportunity to visit a coca processing plant which sanho has also been to that the government has built in the coca-growing region of bolivia and had the opportunity to sample some of their products. they have a marvelous coca liqueur which i really like. they have a variety of energy drinks. there's an energy drink in colombia that a group produces called cocaset which has a great flavor to it but but, again, its not like drinking red bull. it would be much better for you. there's all kinds of ointments, there's a variety of breads and rolls made from coca flour. there's also these, um, this is the bag from what they call chasitos which are basically cheese puffs that the government is distributing to kids through a free breakfast program. the folks at the plant went on about how great these are. i thought they were awful myself, but i guess the kids like them. i also confess that i really hate coca toothpaste. but my
Jan 4, 2013 4:00am PST
for of the peru vaifian culture and got approved. >> (speaking spanish). >> okay. >> good. (speaking spanish). >> so we have a variety of instruments -- that we're going to be showing you. >> (speaking spanish). >> the name of the instrument is called tale boheha. >> (speaking spanish). >> it was a time in peru when the africans were prohibited from playing or making instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they were forced to make their own instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they use the surroundings and big jars and they used to have water or other type was drinks. >> (speaking spanish). >> covered with leather skin. >> (speaking spanish). >> and they make the drums. >>. >> (speaking spanish). (drums). (applause). >> (speaking spanish). >> this instrument is called dungo. >> spr (speaking spanish). >> we have two but only one was used. >> (speaking spanish). >> this is one that was used north of the capital. >> (speaking spanish). >> in the cities of the country >> (speaking spanish). >> when he was a child he was able to see those instruments and on extension today. (drums). (ap
Jan 19, 2013 4:45pm EST
advantage of what it offers, not only in bolivia, but also in peru and colombia. so not long ago i was in bolivia and have the upper to the visit of processing plants that the government has built in the coca growing region of bolivia and had the opportunity to sample some of their products. they have a marvelous cocoa accord which are really like. a variety of energy drinks. an energy drinking columbia, a group produces which has a great flavor to it. again, it is not like drinking red bull. it is a very nice kind of stimulant. it would be much better for you. all kinds appointments, a variety of red. also these -- what they call titos which are basically cheese puffs that the government is distributing the kids. a free. i thought there were awful, but i guess the kids like them. i can send that i really hate coca toothpaste. but my point is that there are a variety of products that have very good uses and should be available not only in these countries, but also in the international market. a variety of uses beyond what coca-cola uses for flavoring. another hypocrisy of the @book
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
cadenas de oracion en venezuela por la salud del presidente hugo chavez... take vo ademas, en peru, los pobladores realizan un ritual para lograr sus objetivos en el aÑo 2013, le explicamos de qu se trata al volver... --el fin de aÑo en venezuela esta marcado por la suspension de las celebraciones publicas y se paso a ceremonias para orar por la recuperacion del presidente chavez... --daniel garrido nos habla de las complicacione s en la salud de hugo chavez... 00:01 0:14 - 0:24 0:38 - 0:47 0:54 - 1:02 01:04 blanca --vamos a cambiar de --vamos a cambiar de informacion... --con la llegada del nuevo aÑo, renacen las diferentes tradiciones en diversas regiones de latinoamerica... take vo --en peru, existe una feria donde los visitantes compran figuras en miniatura que representan el objeto a conseguir en el aÑo venidero. --asi, si una persona desea tener una casa o un auto nuevo, adquiere una de estas miniaturas esperando que el 2013 llegue con el ansiado deseo.. --por supuesto que hay que trabajar muy duro para conseguir que se concrete el deseo. take sot 1:14 realmente, tratamos de 1
Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm EST
to prove herself. pat's trip to peru in 1970 epitomized her value as a foreign ambassador. on may 31, 1970, an earthquake measuring 7.75 on the richter scale devastated about half of peru killing at least 50,000 people and displacing hundreds of thousands of others. mudslides followed the initial quake causing further damage. homeless, injured and starving, survivors rushed to the coastal areas in search of medical anticipation and news of loved ones. as news reports filtered back to the united states, president nixon promised $10 million in aid as well as promising to loan army and navy helicopters for the search and rescue mission. the american public, moved by the devastation, had begun donating supplies and money to be sent to the people of peru. similarly empathetic, pat wanted to help. during a weekend at camp david, the couple discussed the situation, and dick raised the possibility of pat personally delivering their donations from the american people. a week later she flew to peru and met the wife of the peruvian president in lima to deliver donation, visit the injured and homeless
Jan 4, 2013 2:30pm PST
rally rolls into peru. that and more after the break. >> improving ties is just one factor that will shape the region in 2013. >> looking ahead of the challenges of the new year, we'll look that one of the most volatile parts of the world. can it be a time for peace in the middle east? will we simply see more of the same? >> benjamin netanyahu facing elections in january. his party is expected to stay in power, but they are split over the direction netanyahu is taking the country. some are afraid he is leading israel into more dangerous confrontations with its regional enemies. tensions are high on many fronts. in november, israel responded to rocket fire with a series of air strikes. more than 100 civilians died, most of them palestinian. a cease-fire ended the fighting, but the two sides are still without a viable peace agreement. israel controls the borders. for now, they are allowing goods back in, but the humanitarian situation is dire. hamas is holding fast to its anti-israel's stance. fatah, the internationally recognized representative asking the u.n. to upgrade the
Jan 20, 2013 7:15pm EST
the previous policies and a better results than in neighboring peru. in 2011 there was a 13% decrease in the production in that country according to the to this government. but with regards to the international convention the government began a campaign to try to correct this historical error and the first thing they did with everyone agreed with was to try to amend the 61 convention by removing the two sub paragraphs that basically say it needs to be abolished in the 25 year period that has now patched some years ago. they simply wanted to delete those paragraphs. without any objections, bolivia's's request would have been automatically accepted but not surprisingly the u.s. led the charge to oppose the amendment to the convention rally in what they called a friends of the convention group of governments 18 in all which objected the effort so in response to that the bolivian government decided to withdraw from the 1961 convention and we had here with a reservation regarding the traditionally and illegal uses of the coca leaf and the way that process works is that one third of the mem
Jan 6, 2013 2:30pm PST
to real business after the warm-up on saturday, starting off in l, peru -- in lima, peru. he hopes to win his second title, but he will have to beat the competitor from france. the frenchman only managed the sixth spot in the opening stage. pretty tough stuff. this sunday marks the festival of the epiphone, when the three wise men are said to have visited whenjesus -- epiphoany, the three wise men are said to have visited baby jesus. there is a group from the rhine region that visited the official residence of the german president in berlin. organizers estimate that 500,000 children took part across the country. ♪ french actor gerard a perdue has received his russian passport -- gerard depardieu has received his russian passport. he received a warm reception from vladimir putin in sochi. russia may soon be entertaining more french celebrities. former film star brigitte pardo says she is also thinking of applying for russian citizenship. you are up-to-date on all the sports, business, and news. keep watching dw. for more news, go to www.dw.dw. eastern. only on link tv. >> as the week be
Jan 18, 2013 5:30am PST
. the government reached a deal with the leader of the demonstrators. farmers in peru are putting the agricultural future of the country in jeopardy. >> if you are crossing the u.k. right now, you know is snowing. that will continue through friday. toward scotland, the tigers are love in the snow. they are meant for this type of weather. temperatures got down to - 4. these tigers can handle up to - 40 degrees because of their thick coat. toward saturday, things will be clearing across the u.k. down here is where the rain is going to be a major problem, especially in northern portugal and northern spain. we expect to see up to 150 kiloliters of rain in the next few days. across northern africa, who did see some clouds across libya. it is clearing out across benghazi. toward tripoli, which expect to see -- we expect to see 20 as well. that will last the next couple days. toward nigeria, we expect to see rain the next few days. down the mountain. we are determined to stop them. >> saturday at 8:00 eastern. >> it is good to have you with us. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the british pri
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am EST
this evening. >>> three american travelers in peru, but they say the vacation turned into a frightening ordeal. contessa brewer travelled to peru to cover this story. >> good to see you. a man, his wife, sister from wyoming planned this trip to peru to explore the beautiful countryside. they never expected to be beaten, whipped and held against their will. now they're safe and they're telling their story. >> we begged for mercy. we thought we were going to die for 11 hours. >> reporter: december 29th, 30th birthday trip to peru began with a mountain hike with her brother, jeb and his wife, megan, near macha ppechu. >> the first initial two people, men that came down, we asked, do you think this would be okay if we camped here? and they said, yes, it should be fine. >> when did you know there was going to be a problem? >> they started blowing whistles, calling people on the cell phone. >> reporter: they say suddenly they were surrounded, demanding their papers. but as experienced travelers, they knew not to give their passports to nonofficials. they tried to drive off but the villagers blocked
Jan 19, 2013 11:30pm PST
libertinadje. >> las cifras son similares en el peru aúnque en las oznas rurales la edad disminuye. >> maría luisa martinez. >> revisemos los deportes y conectamos con lyndsay. >> jornada sabatina llena de goles y anuncios importantes. >> las águilas enfrentaron a los potros , jesús molina abrio el marcados , el cuaro de herrera se manifesto nuevamente . >> jimenez marco su segúndo gol del encuentro. >> para cerrar la goleada cuatro a cero a favor de los de guapa. >> se abre es espacio por el lado derecho. >> carreño recorta muy bien en el área. >> este resultado le permite al queretaro un punto para no descender. >> argentino no prdona y puso el uno cero , lideran junto al aguila. >> hoy hizo oficial su retiro de uno de los grandes del fútbol azteca , pardo le dio el adiós a las canchas. >> muchísimas gracias , pasamos con adelanto del programa aquí ahora mañana domingo. >> se lanzo a dar con el paradero de los asesinos de su hijo. >> el drama de las separaciones de las familias por las deportaciones. >> este domingo a las 7 de la noche 6 en el centro. >> hoteles de la
Jan 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
,bas para que entratran. >> cayo un helicoptero en peru y hay 4 americanos desaprecidos. >> hugo chávez no estara presente en la toma de posesion. >> [ locutor ] subway ofrece tantas comidas ricas, sanas para tu corazón, y certificadas por la american heart association. busca el heart check en tus comidas fresh fit de subway favoritas, desde el tentador turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach al proteínico roast beef, y más. todos con cinco gramos de grasa o menos. pruébalos con jugosos tomates o pimientos verdes crujientes. ven hoy a tu subway local y empieza el año nuevo con una comida sana para tu corazón. subway. come sabroso y fresco. brellevar el estrés. sin darme cuenta, el alcohol se apoderó de mi vida. encontrar el valor para ir a esa primera reunión de alcohólicos anónimos es lo mejor que he hecho. obtuve apoyo de gente que entendía por lo que había pasado. ahora tengo esperanza. ihola! ¿que tal? alcohólicos anónimos. si el alcohol está causando problemas en tu vida, búscanos. nos encuentras en el directorio telefónico, o en la red en doble a punto
Jan 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
center is setting up heavy rain across brazil and parts of peru. to the south, for much of paraguay and uruguay and argentina it's looking dry and fine with highs of 31 degrees in buenos aires. in the caribbean, there is always a chance of a shower here but for the most part bright and breezy. central america, one or two showers around, but otherwise looking largely dry and fine. 23 degrees your high in mexico city. in north america, a ral battle royal between the fronts. more extensive snee cross the great lakes and extending into parts of canada. ahead of it, quite cold air. disappointing tems of -- in san francisco, highs of 11 degrees celsius. >> now the headlines from al-jazeera. the french. has ordered increased security across france following military operations in both somalia and mali. and a french hostage. has reportedly been killed during a failed rescue attempt in somalia. shi'ia demonstrators have rallied in a show of support for prime minister al malachi and his government. for weeks the government has been the target of angry protests in sunni provinces while prostor
Jan 8, 2013 2:00am PST
killed in a helicopter crash in peru. >>> release the kraken! for the first time, pictures of a giant squid alive in its natural habitat. we have the pictures for you this hour. >> this is so cool. >> it is. >>> i don't want to talk about this. a new dynasty. it's alabama in a rout on college football's biggest stage. did you stay up and watch? >> you know, i knew it was happening. you could just tell it was going down. >> did you set your alarm clock to get up and watch? >> i saw enough of the game to know where it was headed. >> so you watched about two minutes of the game. good morning, folks. welcome to "early start." >> i don't want to rub it in, but one of us was right and one of us was wrong. you are the wrong one. >> i will eat microtoday. it's in my coffee. >> i was right. it's january 8th, and it's 5:00 a.m. >> i was wrong. >> up first this morning, roll tide. and we're talking a major roll. a rout inside a blowout wrapped in a complete drubbing. the alabama crimson tide crushed notre dame 42-14 to win the college national championship. alabama scored touchdowns the first th
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
happy, to be able to help my dearest ones. >> time appears to be going -- to be running out in peru. the marine mammals are now close to extinction. >> it is known here as the largest mammal in the amazon. the manatee is also in danger of extinction. she is six months old, one of nine manatees at the rescue center in northeastern peru. she was saved a month ago from her captors and is surviving mainly on milk. the species lives mostly on rivers and lakes, but hunters are making life in the wild dangerous. >> it is so bad authorities cannot reach most of it. people continue to capture the manatees for human consumption. >> they consider the made explicit. it is a new tradition, and many -- consider the meet explicit. it is a tradition, and many consider them as pets. they found 15 baby amenities that have died in captivity. here biologists are teaching children these animals are friendly but that they are also important for the ecosystem and they need to live in their own environment. >> people have to get involved about manatee conservation, and the best way is children, because the
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am PST
for american tourists in peru turned into a terrifying ordeal involving an ambush and a kidnapping. details on that on that harrowing. and what does the refrigerator say to you, this morning joy bauer and her husband put it to the test as we peek inside their kitchens. keep it on this channel for continuing local news, sports and more. i'm richard lui. along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." this, your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good one.
Jan 16, 2013 1:00pm PST
races in the world is the dakar rally. this year it is going through the countries of peru, argentina and chile. one of the stars of the race is robbie gordon. here you see him driving his bright orange hummer, speeding through the wide-open desert. oh! >> but he quickly turns his hum near a lawn dart in the middle of the desert. check out the in-car camera. all the stuff that was on the floor is now on the roof. >> but is that gas? >> fuel leaking everywhere. >> can you see it's not just about getting out of the car, it's about getting out of the car quickly. >> get out, get out! >> robbie says at first, he can't get the driver's door open. so he has to scoot out through the passenger window. and get away from the car. luckily, the car did not catch fire. and luckily they weren't seriously hurt. but this is damaging. >> if this scene looks a little bit familiar to race fans out there, that's because if you check the internet, robbie did pretty much the exact same thing last year. that's why the accident is so frustrating. >> same exact situation, almost open desert comes up over a du
Jan 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
and peru. coming south wards, picking up rain through northern parts of argentina and uruguay but towards the south it's looking drier. highs of 32 in buenos aires and not looking bad in venezuela and colombia. looks like heavy rain around the gulf of mexico pushing towards mexico city and certainly for honduras, nicaragua, to the south, we could see heavy showers pushing in from time to time but panama and costa rica, a largely fair and dry picture. across north america, two areas of snow, one pushing in towards quebec and the other system along the pacific northwest, snow over the rockies and snow as far as sierra-nevada, chilly in san francisco with highs of 12. p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. paci, only on link tv. >> time for a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera. hugo chavez supporters turn out in force as caracas as the national assembly deflects the president's health crisis. police in pakistan trying to identify a man killed by an angry mob for allegedly desecrating the quran and rebels in central african province have taken another town in their fight against the government.
Jan 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
across northwestern parts braff zill. sending in towards ecuador and inland parts of peru and libya. and much of chile's looking dry and fine. 21 in santiago. further north scattered showers for venezuela and colombia. as we move into central parts of america, some could see scattering of showers during the course of monday. elsewhere looking dry and fine. should be a good day in havana. highs of 27. across central america we've got a lot of showers coming off the caribbean and heavy downpours across honduras in towards nicaragua and also pushing up into parts of mexico, too.s0 ueckian that p.a. nins la seeing a few downpours. as we move into north america two weather systems. this one moving away from the eastern seaboard. the other one towards west still giving snow in place as cross rockies, with temperatures beginning to rise for san francisco with high expected to reach 14 degrees crellsous. -- crellsous. >> welcome back, a reminder of the top stories in al jazeera. in his first speech in months, syria's president laid out his plan toned the conflict including a new constitutio
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
. it is not just on giglio that people are looking. there have also organized in peru in indonesia. all of the ships will be lowering their flags at half mast. people are united in their grief and remembering an accident that never should have happened. i last met kevin when divers will still searching for the body of his brother. they never found him. he still has so. >> we have to wait until the ship has been taken away. maybe then we might find some answers. then we might find him underneath the ship. that is what i think. hopefully, just for a few months or how long i have to wait. we will wait. the question people are being investigated over the tragedy including the ship's captain. indictments will be handed out by the end of february. the trial is still months away. the operation continues. this has salvage the most complex the world has ever seen. more than 400 engineers and experts are working around the clock. al jazeera. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been marching to the french capital to block a new law that would legalize a managed -- marriage and adoption by same
Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
services in peru, philippines and indonesia. kosta is flying their flags at half mast. people are united in their freef over an accident that never should have happened. i last motor kevin when divers were searching for his body of his brother, russell. he still has hope. >> we have to wait until the ship has been refroted and taken away. maybe then we might find some answers. we may find them under the ship. that is where i think he is. hopefully waiting for a few months, six months, seven months, i don't know how long, but we will wait. >> 10 people are being investigated over the tragedy, including the ship's captain. indictments will be handed out by the end of february, but a trial is still months away. meanwhile, the operation to refloat the ship is under way. it is huge. it's sal advantage the most complex the world has ever seen. 400 divers and experts are working around the clock, but all will put down their tools for a moment of silence at 2045 . >> hundreds of thousands of people have been marching through the french captain. they want to block a new law that would legalize ma
Jan 20, 2013 8:30am PST
. those are countries thatre completely dependent on the brazilian economy. also, argentina and peru and colombia and all the countries in the amazon, we have to be wise, to share this prosperity. how we'll do this? integrate our economies. build more infrastructure, more roads, more contacts. we can benefit from that, and they can benefit from our development. >> hinojosa: okay. but at the same time, you're talking about brazil now geopolitically. it's not just its relationship in terms of latin america. but you're also talking about brazil making relationships now with the bric, which is the brazil russia india china coalition. you have brazil having lots of conversations with iran. you have brazil having conversations with chavez in venezuela. so, you know, where do you see brazil as a geopolitical character? >> i think it's a work in progress. brazil... i don't... i would not characterize brazil as a superpower. i would characterize china as a potential superpower. the only superpower is still the united states. now, brazil is an emerging power, is an important global player. the
Jan 12, 2013 8:30am PST
]. [cheering and applauding] >> their family is in peru, which is where [speaker not understood] hailses from. they're so disappointed they couldn't be here tonight. but the back story on this is chuck grew up in the portola. and next to mclaren park and he spent his whole childhood there. and when he and she married, they wanted the same childhood experiences chuck had had, and even better ones. so, they have spent their time working on the play grounds and all the other aspects of the park. and they worked so well and collaboratively with all the other park groups that represent mclaren park. parks alliance and rec and park department. i know they want me to thank everybody who has been such an integral part of giving them this award and all the work we still have to do on mclaren park. so, thank you for chuck and trilsy. (applause) ♪ >> fantastic. easily one of the best views in san francisco, so, if you've never had the opportunity to visit mclaren park, i highly recommend it. it's like finding a whole new part of san francisco. and now it's time for our last award, which is an award th
Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
la inversiÓn fue del orden de 480 millones de dÓlares en ayudas sociales. y en peru, en menos de 24 horas, se fugaron 27 internos del centro de reclusion juvenil de lima, conocido como "maranguita". al parecer, los presuntos delincuentes juveniles aprovecharon las festividades de aÑo nuevo para evadirse... la policÍa recapturÓ solo a 8 de los fugados. entre los menores que se escaparon estÁ un sicario conocido como "gringasho". buenas tardes, hoy hemos tenido un dia parcialmente nublado con temperaturas bastante frias... la buena noticia es que a partir de maÑana comiencen a incrementar se ligeramente y tengamos maximas entre los 44 y 45 grados... volviendo a la realidad actualmente tenemos una temperatura de 35 grados con viento ligero y cielo mayormente nublado... esta noche esperamos condiciones gelidas con 27 grados como temperatura minima y cielo parcialmente nublado... maÑana jueves comenzamos a experimentar un ligero incremento en la temperatura con con cielos soleados y viento en calma... ..gracias fanny... y con la llegada del nuevo ano..una de las resoluciones de muc
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
la semana con dos partidos, cesar vallejo recibe en peru a deportes tolima y olimpia de paraguay contra defensor sporting de uruguay. continuan las secuelas del partido entre los patrios y los ravens de baltimore. les cuento que, el mariscal de campo de los patriots, tom brady, estarÁ siendo investigado por oficiales de la nfl para imponerle un posible castigo por la jugada en la cual se barriÓ, en un intento de protegerse, haciendo un movimiento de patada sobre ed reed de los ravens de baltimore. brady se deslizÓ con los pies por delante para culminar una carrera improvisada y despue És levantÓ la pierna, golpeando reed, quien no sufriÓ lesion en la jugada. por otro lado el profundo de los ravens, ed reed, dijo a una estacion de radio en baltimore que tom brady, se disculpÓ con Él por la controversial barrida. hasta aqui los deportes, buenas noches para todos. las novedades del entretenimie nto cuando regresemos de una mensajes.. hablamos de entretenimiento y les quiero presentar a una chica de impacto, no solo por toda su trayectoria periodistica y premios sino tambien
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
vecinos, apunta a que supuestamente unos infantes jugaban con fosforos... en peru un ciudadano estadounidense fallecio en una polleria esta madrugada... tony james tanango de 42-anos habia llegado al local acompanado de un joven, ambos aparentemente ebrios.. sobre la muerte de el extranjero hay 2 hipotesis: que tomo una pastilla que le causo el paro cardiaco o que se atoro con un hueso de pollo y se murio asfixiado... el fiscal de turno llego al lugar donde tras las pericias ordeno el levantament ante varios dias de ansiedad en torno a la posibilidad de nieve en el area metropolitan a, finalmente se desarrollo en nuestra area desde la medianoche hasta tempranas horas de la maÑana... de acuerdo al pronostico se espeaba que no alcanzara la pulgada de acumulacion, sin embargo, en varios sectores se registraron hasta dos pulgadas... asi estan las temperaturas actuales, 28 grados con un cielo mayormente nublado y el viento soplando a una velocidad que alcanza incluso las 31 millas por hora... esta noche esperamos un incremento en la nubosidad, un descenso en la velocidad del vien
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
partidos con un solo gol anotado. en colombia, deportes tolima supero por 1-0 a cesar vallejo de peru, el unico tanto fue marcado por darwin lopez a los 57 minutos, mientras que en uruguay, defensor sporting con olimpia de paraguay terminaron empatados 0-0. hoy se conocieron a las dos finalistas del abierto de tenis de australia mientras que en hombres djokovic espera para disputar el tituto del primer grand slam del aÑo. y vamos a finalizar con la historia deportiva y amosota. una promesa que se cumplirÁ 12 aÑos despuÉs, esto ocurre en baltimore con una pareja. se trata de daisy sudano y jim pellegrini, ambos decidieron conocerme mejor en su primera cita que fue en el partido de super bowl entre los ravens y los gigantes de nueva york. ese dÍa decidieron conocerce mejor e hicieron la promesa de casarce cuando los raven llegaran a otro sÚper bowl, pues esa promesa se cumplirÁ 12 aÑos despuÉs porque en nueva orleans se jugara el super bowl 47 teniendo como protagonistas a los 49ers de san francisco y a los ravens de baltimore. daisy dijo que nunca pensÓ esperar tanto para cumplir
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